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04 décembre 2009


Nobel does not go to school until 8 years old, but has only read the book for one year, this is the only regular school education that he received. Get he at the age of 10, whole family move Peterburg in Russia. Because in Russia because the language is obstructed, Nobel and two elder brothers can not both enter the local school, have to invite a private teacher of Sweden in the locality, instruct them how to study languages such as Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany,etc., Nobel with weak physique is very diligent when studying, his attitude eager to learn, not merely get the teacher's commendation, take the fancy of father and elder brothers too. But has reached him at the age of 15, because family's financial difficulties, can not afford to pay the tuition, the three brothers have to stop the study. Nobel has come to the factory which father ran as the assistant, he observes and considers conscientiously carefully, every those important knowledge that he saw and heard, is absorbed in sharply by him.
In order to learn more things, in 1850, he went abroad on a tour of investigation and studied. For two years, he had successively been to Germany, France, Italy and U.S.A.. Because he is good at observing, studying conscientiously, knowledge is accumulated rapidly. Become a scholar who masters many kinds of languages and the scientist with scientific training quickly. After coming back home, in practice in the factory was trained, he has investigated a lot of production procedure, not only has added a lot of practical techniques but also familiar with production and management of the factory.
In this way, after going through the frustration tribulation, Nobel without formal education, depended on diligently, lasting self-study at last, grew into a scientist and inventor progressively.
After Nobel's mother passed away, 3 billion Swedish coins once of his - -The property of all one's life, all was donated to the charity organization, just left mother's photo, in order to be regarded as permanent commemoration. The descendant, in order to remember him forever, the scientific award named after him, has already become supreme science Grand Prix of world interest.
What makes the little unattractive boy become a scientific giant of world interest? Depend on unremitting efforts.
Appear diligently, the achievement happens diligently, do not make an exception at all times and in all lands. Wang Zhen is that the famous agriculture of China studies home. 17 provinces where it is informal that he leaves in the South and the North, through more than ten years, just edited into an monumental work " agricultural book ". The book has just come out, Wang Zhen passed away. " agricultural book " is large-scale, the range is wide. The whole book volume 37 altogether (extant volume 36, edit edition to make 22 otherwise, the content is the same)  ,About 130,000 words, more than 300 illustrations. Including " open rhymed formula of the farming and sericulture ", " one hundred valley tables " and " agricultural device atlas " and three major parts, there is introduction, also there is theory of dividing, both pictures and texts are excellent, the system is clearly demarcated, style is intact.
There are too numerous to mention such examples. Just like what Einstein said: "People owe my success to my talent; In fact my talent is diligent. "

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From the diligence

People's ability is not innate, depending on unremitting efforts, by bringing diligently. Scientist Huo Jin and Nobel of world interest are very good examples.
Stephen and Hawking was born in Oxford of Britain on January 8, 2, 1942, this was a special day, founder of modern science to pass away on 300 years ago on the same day in Garineir. He catches and suffers from hopeless case when being young, but he is unremitting, overcome the torment of the illness, have become the scientist of world interest.
Jin Huo get Cambridge University pursue the master degree promptly after graduation from university in Oxford, he diagnose, suffer from " Lu gal thunder disease " at this moment ,Have been totally paralysed soon. 1985, Jin Huo again because pneumonia go on, wear trachea operation, hereafter, he can speak at all, a small talking machine and language synthesizer and people depended on installing on the wheelchair carry on talk; Reading must rely on a kind of machine which looks through the page, need to ask someone to spread out every page one on the big desk while reading the literature, then he urge wheelchair such as silkworm take mulberry read page by page like the leaf   
But Huo Jin will not give up the aspiration of study because of torment of the small illness, he just becomes the universally acknowledged scientific giant of gravitation physics in this kind of common people's incredulous difficulty. Jin Huo let Lu card modest mathematics lecture duty of Professor that Newton take on in Cambridge University, his black hole has evaporated the theory and quantum universe theory and not merely shaken natural scientific circles, and have far-reaching influence on philosophy and religion. Huo Jin also published " the time biref history " in April of 1988, had already issued 5,500,000 volumes in 33 kinds of characters, if in the west, claiming the person who has received an education has not read this book nowadays, will be scorned for.
Nobel's father is quite capable machinist, inventor of one, but because manage no good, repeatly receive the setback. Later, a fire burnt all to act as,    life totally falls into the condition penniless and frustrated, should depend on living by borrowing. Father runs away from home in order to avoid creditors, go to Russia to make a living. Two elder brothers of Nobel's sell matches in the streets and lanes, in order to make money and maintain family's livelihood. Because live a hard life, it is weak and sickly that Nobel was borned, he not convenient to use can't be like other children in the health, lively and cheerful, when other children play together, but he often serves as the onlooker. Circumstances of life in childhood, make him form the unsociable and eccentric, introversive personality.

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May not succeed

Zebra leader Eric has become delicious food in the mouth of a very general lion on the grassland, as the zebra of the lower animal, may not necessarily find out real the very crux, but say, it may be the joke to find out the very crux again as the people of the higher animal. It is the fact that everybody needn't argue to play and die a lion as a hoof of zebra Eric, can be regarded as splendid and incomparable success, but must admit, that splendid success of Eric is an accidental income, it is not the inevitable outcome. If Eric is cleverer, since everybody would praise highly oneself the leader, will regard this as soon and begin, but the skill that will practice hard the ability to run and seek survival, but must not seek ease and comfort overestimating one's own strength or ability, since it is high and arrogant.

The zebra is always a zebra, can't stand a bit honour enticement, raises and fattens the fat inmaturely by oneself, fill out the full stomach of the lion early with the life. But the catastrophe of zebra Eric can hold up very good reference range pole for we who are human. It tells people from reverse side: Splendid success once in a while is nothing, real ability, the real skill must depend on one's own during the process of surviving, summarize experience without stopping, it is false and proud to permit no, in order to tamp one's own existence and foundation of development. If not, splendid success once in a while is sure to cause one's own eternal failure.

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