04 décembre 2009

May not succeed

Zebra leader Eric has become delicious food in the mouth of a very general lion on the grassland, as the zebra of the lower animal, may not necessarily find out real the very crux, but say, it may be the joke to find out the very crux again as the people of the higher animal. It is the fact that everybody needn't argue to play and die a lion as a hoof of zebra Eric, can be regarded as splendid and incomparable success, but must admit, that splendid success of Eric is an accidental income, it is not the inevitable outcome. If Eric is cleverer, since everybody would praise highly oneself the leader, will regard this as soon and begin, but the skill that will practice hard the ability to run and seek survival, but must not seek ease and comfort overestimating one's own strength or ability, since it is high and arrogant.

The zebra is always a zebra, can't stand a bit honour enticement, raises and fattens the fat inmaturely by oneself, fill out the full stomach of the lion early with the life. But the catastrophe of zebra Eric can hold up very good reference range pole for we who are human. It tells people from reverse side: Splendid success once in a while is nothing, real ability, the real skill must depend on one's own during the process of surviving, summarize experience without stopping, it is false and proud to permit no, in order to tamp one's own existence and foundation of development. If not, splendid success once in a while is sure to cause one's own eternal failure.

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