04 décembre 2009


Nobel does not go to school until 8 years old, but has only read the book for one year, this is the only regular school education that he received. Get he at the age of 10, whole family move Peterburg in Russia. Because in Russia because the language is obstructed, Nobel and two elder brothers can not both enter the local school, have to invite a private teacher of Sweden in the locality, instruct them how to study languages such as Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany,etc., Nobel with weak physique is very diligent when studying, his attitude eager to learn, not merely get the teacher's commendation, take the fancy of father and elder brothers too. But has reached him at the age of 15, because family's financial difficulties, can not afford to pay the tuition, the three brothers have to stop the study. Nobel has come to the factory which father ran as the assistant, he observes and considers conscientiously carefully, every those important knowledge that he saw and heard, is absorbed in sharply by him.
In order to learn more things, in 1850, he went abroad on a tour of investigation and studied. For two years, he had successively been to Germany, France, Italy and U.S.A.. Because he is good at observing, studying conscientiously, knowledge is accumulated rapidly. Become a scholar who masters many kinds of languages and the scientist with scientific training quickly. After coming back home, in practice in the factory was trained, he has investigated a lot of production procedure, not only has added a lot of practical techniques but also familiar with production and management of the factory.
In this way, after going through the frustration tribulation, Nobel without formal education, depended on diligently, lasting self-study at last, grew into a scientist and inventor progressively.
After Nobel's mother passed away, 3 billion Swedish coins once of his - -The property of all one's life, all was donated to the charity organization, just left mother's photo, in order to be regarded as permanent commemoration. The descendant, in order to remember him forever, the scientific award named after him, has already become supreme science Grand Prix of world interest.
What makes the little unattractive boy become a scientific giant of world interest? Depend on unremitting efforts.
Appear diligently, the achievement happens diligently, do not make an exception at all times and in all lands. Wang Zhen is that the famous agriculture of China studies home. 17 provinces where it is informal that he leaves in the South and the North, through more than ten years, just edited into an monumental work " agricultural book ". The book has just come out, Wang Zhen passed away. " agricultural book " is large-scale, the range is wide. The whole book volume 37 altogether (extant volume 36, edit edition to make 22 otherwise, the content is the same)  ,About 130,000 words, more than 300 illustrations. Including " open rhymed formula of the farming and sericulture ", " one hundred valley tables " and " agricultural device atlas " and three major parts, there is introduction, also there is theory of dividing, both pictures and texts are excellent, the system is clearly demarcated, style is intact.
There are too numerous to mention such examples. Just like what Einstein said: "People owe my success to my talent; In fact my talent is diligent. "

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